Vanguard Toxic and Combustible WirelessHART® Gas Detector

Wire Less. Save More!

The Vanguard Toxic and Combustible WirelessHART® Gas Detector was born to be wireless. With a 5-year battery and 1-button calibration — the Vanguard is a gas detector built for the wireless world!

The new Vanguard WirelessHART gas detector’s flexible monitoring of toxic or combustible gas can save lives. Its ultra-long battery life saves maintenance trips. Its easy pushbutton calibration; mount-anywhere mobility; and seamless, plug-and-play interoperability save time and trouble. And of course, eliminating long wiring runs saves thousands in installation costs.

Vanguard: It’s the way you always wanted wireless to work!


The Vanguard WirelessHART® gas detector is ideal for the monitoring of toxic and combustible gases without the need for costly and fixed wiring. With a five year battery life and one button calibration, the Vanguard detector is easy to operate and maintain.

Each Vanguard detector has a WirelessHART® transceiver, an antenna, a display, a long life power module, a gas sensor, and a signal processor for the gas sensor. Vanguard uses a sensor architecture trademarked “Flexsense,” which allows the sensor to identify its target gas and self-configure to a Vanguard transmitter upon connection.

It is currently available with either a non-dispersive infrared (NDIR) methane sensor (0-100 %LEL), NDIR propane sensor (0-100%LEL), an electrochemical hydrogen sulfide sensor (0-100 ppm), an electrochemical ammonia sensor (0-100ppm) or an electrochemical carbon monoxide sensor (0-500 ppm).

Wireless gas detectors like the Vanguard can augment existing gas detection coverage with minimal financial and labor outlay. The Vanguard can be plugged-and-played anywhere in an existing WirelessHART® mesh and perform its role as a first line of defense for gas monitoring.


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  • Wireless capability
  • Field interchangeable toxic and combustible gas sensors
  • Interoperable with existing WirelessHART® networks and asset management systems (AMS)
  • Easy calibration and operation
  • 5+ year battery life*
  • Heavy duty design with Class 1, Div 1 & 2 hazardous location approvals

*Affected by polling frequency

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WirelessHART/HART® Protocol Resources

Product name:Vanguard Gas Detector
Product Type:WirelessHART® Toxic and Combustible Gas Detector
WirelessHART® Version:7.2
Manufacturer ID:6049
Device Type:E308
Device Revision:2
Wireless product:Yes
Device Registered with HCF:Yes
DD Registered with HCF: Yes HART Registration Certification
DD Revision:1
Enhanced DD:Yes
Device Description (DD) Resources
Device Description (DD) for Host Systems and TrexDownload
Device Description (DD) for the 475 Field CommunicatorDownload
Instructions for Vanguard Configuration_475 Field CommunicatorDownload
Device Type Manager (DTM) Resources
*Package contains the Vanguard DTM, PACTware (v5.0) and the HART Communication DTM from CodeWrights.
Device Type Manager (DTM) package for the Vanguard*Download
Device Type Manager (DTM) setup and configuration instructionsDownload


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