Wireless Gas Detector Cost Benefit Estimate

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Wired Costs

  • Total Wired Cost:$156,450
  • Total Wired Time:574 hrs

Wireless Costs

  • Total Wireless Cost:$85,200
  • Total Wireless Time:65 hrs
  • 46%Cost Saving
  • 89%Time Saving

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Detail Report

Wired Costs

  • Design Cost$11,625
  • Design Time:90 hrs
  • Install Cost:$48,750
  • Install Time:484 hrs
  • Instrument Cost:$32,000
  • Instrument Material Cost:$75,700
  • Total Wired Cost:$156,450
  • Total Wired Time:574 hrs

Wireless Costs

  • Design Cost$4,875
  • Design Time:45 hrs
  • Install Cost:$1,975
  • Install Time:20 hrs
  • Instrument Cost:$72,500
  • Instrument Material Cost:$5,850
  • Total Wireless Cost:$85,200
  • Total Wireless Time:65 hrs
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