United Electric Controls Demonstrates WirelessHART Gas Leak Detection for Emissions Regulatory Compliance at Gastech 2019


United Electric Controls Demonstrates WirelessHART Gas Leak Detection for Emissions Regulatory Compliance at Gastech 2019

Houston – Gastech 2019 – Sept. 17, 2019 — United Electric Controls, a leading producer of safety, alarm and shutdown technology, is demonstrating at Gastech a wireless gas detector that can facilitate compliance by reducing the cost of adding leak monitoring points by more than 50%. The Vanguard gas detector communicates using WirelessHART technology, which is currently the industry’s dominant non-proprietary wireless communication protocol.  WirelessHART makes it easier for the Vanguard and other in-network WirelessHART devices (e.g. corrosion, vibration, temperature and pressure monitoring sensors) to be integrated, creating an interoperable ecosystem of monitoring instrumentation that enhances safety and regulatory compliance.

“Detection of methane and other gases is becoming increasingly critical to gas plant safety and emissions monitoring in the heavily-regulated oil and gas industry. Reducing costs, improving safety and complying with regulations requires the ability to monitor hard-to-reach areas, but doing so with wired systems is cost-prohibitive. Moreover, deploying detection on a WirelessHART network not only makes optimizing gas-leak detection monitoring affordable but also provides an open infrastructure that enables a broader systems approach that facilitates continuous leak prevention compared to intermittent solutions,” said Julian Yeo, United Electric Controls Strategic Marketing Manager

Vanguard’s field-interchangeable gas sensor modules detect methane (CH4) or hydrogen sulfide (H2S) or carbon monoxide (CO). Data such as gas concentration, battery life and calibration are transmitted from the detector and integrated seamlessly with existing supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) or asset management (AMS) systems. Signals travel via WirelessHART to the gateway and commonly used Modbus and Ethernet communications.  Such data can also be sent easily to the cloud for trending,  asset management and enterprise-level analyses that can reduce costs and improve safety and compliance further.

5-year battery life

Contributing to the value of the Vanguard detector is its use of lithium metal battery technology, which, combined with low-power components and intelligent power management circuitry, can extend battery life well beyond five years, significantly more than current offerings operating under the same conditions. This reduces both energy and maintenance costs.

Easy operation

The Vanguard detector can be mounted anywhere and dropped easily into any WirelessHART network using a secured network I.D. and join key. The unit automatically detects the sensor type and configures it automatically. Seamless, plug-and-play interoperability saves additional setup time and effort. Class 1, Div. 1&2 certification and an explosion-proof and intrinsically-safe design help ensure trouble-free operation in hazardous environments. The unit also has ATEX and IECEx approvals allowing deployment virtually anywhere across the globe.

Remote deployment

A WirelessHART gas detection system is ideal for remote site applications where there is limited power supply. The detectors are powered using batteries, and other network components, like gateways, can be powered from a solar panel. Data from the detectors can then be routed through the gateways to a web-based SCADA platform via a cellular modem, enabling operators to monitor gas leakage at remote sites,  anytime and anywhere, further augmenting gas detection capability and compliance. Continuous monitoring detects remote leaks and triggers real-time alarms and validates response to customer complaints instantly.

For a technology demonstration on how WirelessHART gas detection technology can improve efficiency, safety and compliance, visit United Electric Controls at Gastech booth M177, online at www-ueonline.com/vanguard, or by phone at +1-617-926-1000.

About United Electric Controls

United Electric Controls (UE), a privately held corporation founded in 1931 and headquartered in Watertown, Massachusetts, USA, is a global supplier of WirelessHART gas detectors, electronic switches, pressure and temperature switches, transmitters, sensors and controls for the process, discrete, semiconductor, aerospace and defense industries. Focused on protecting equipment, processes, personnel and the environment, our products are critical for safety, alarm and shutdown functions with uncompromising quality produced from innovative design and superior lean manufacturing.

For more information call or visit the UE website at www.ueonline.com.

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United Electric Controls WirelessHART Gas Detector can reduce the cost of adding leak monitoring points by more than 50%.

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