One Series: Smart switch upgrade or SIL rated transmitter?

Posted on November 12, 2020 by David Bonyuet in: Gas | Safety | Smart Switches | Technology

To get ‘blue’ or to get ‘yellow’, that is the question… in the field.

No matter whether you are in an oil rig or in a manufacturing line, the need to keep the plant up and running is paramount. Many industrial plants use our standard ‘blue’ product line, the One Series Smart Electronic Switch This product has been tested for stringent environmental conditions, harsh workplaces and it has achieved the most rigorous certifications in the market.  However, some production plants may have a higher standard.

Cue the ONE series Field Safety Transmitter.

The ‘yellow’ ONE Series is the Field Safety Transmitter   It is an industrial Functional Safety certified product.  This means it complies with the IEC 61508 safety standard. Functional safety takes an extra step in validating the absence of unreasonable risk due to hazards caused by malfunctioning behavior; it also takes a holistic view to the safety of every element in the process chain. This applies when safety is a mandatory requirement and formalized as a norm in the entire plant.  This standard addresses rigorous diagnostics, extreme failure modes analysis and examination of every single hazard possible to put the system in a safe state.

Functional safety is an entire paradigm and requires a process of functions reviews (HAZIDs, HAZOPs, etc).  It also requires safe management of software errors, hardware failures estimation and assessment of risk reduction. Designs that comply with a Functional Safety standard are deemed to be better at handling failures. Products designed under this standard are broadly used in other installations, even if they are not safety regulated. This is the case for the ONE series Field Safety Transmitter that became popular as a cost effective and yet more rigorous instrument for any installation.

Additionally, the ONE Series Field Safety Transmitter is an entire safety system with: a logic solver, a sensing element and actuation. So for your next project, don’t hesitate to get the best product for your most challenging needs.

About the Author:
David Bonyuet, Design Engineer
David has over 20 years of experience in engineering.


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  1. Thank you. Very well written. Perhaps your next blog can expand on the last paragraph about the product being and entire safety system.

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