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One Series TRANSMITTER-SWITCH Unique Unlock Code Generator Secure Web Page
Thank you for purchasing the One Series TRANSMITTER-SWITCH by United Electric Controls (UE). By providing the following information, UE will email you a code to unlock your transmitter after misplacing your secure password.

The unique unlock code (UUC) provided is calculated from the Kanban (serial) number found on the transmitter's nameplate. You will need to obtain this number from the nameplate (see photo below for location) before proceeding.

NOTE: The UUC generated will always unlock this transmitter even after a new password is created. Please store the UUC in a secure location.
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**User, as a representative of the product Owner, declares that they are authorized by the Owner of the product to request the ability to reset the product access code. Since the product is under the exclusive control of the Owner, United Electric assumes no additional liability, nor grants any extra warranty for providing the reset code to this or any other user, based upon the information provided.

The User and Owner agree to indemnify and hold harmless United Electric from and against any damages, liabilities, losses, and expenses of any kind (including reasonable counsel fees), which may be sustained or suffered by United Electric by reason of any claim, action, or proceeding arising in whole or in part out of the User or Owner's negligent or intentional acts or omissions related to United Electric's grant of this request.

Request Unlock Code
Please enter the 7 digit Kanban Number from the ONE Series Nameplate in the
box below (see nameplate sample below). An email will be sent to the email address above with a unique unlock code.
Enter Kanban Number:

  Technical Sales: 617.926.1000