Heat Tracing Solutions

Electrical heat tracing is used throughout most process plants, power plants and waste water treatment facilities to keep piping and vessels from freezing during cold weather.  It is also used where processes require materials to be at an elevated temperature.

UE provides heat tracing temperature control devices and sensors:

  • Electromechanical switches designed specifically for sensing control of electric heat tracing circuits
    • Ambient sensing control of single heating circuit or pilot control of multiple heating circuits
    • Pipe-wall or tank-wall mounted adjustable thermostats
    • Temperature maintenance
    • Temperature indication and switching
    • Ordinary location or hazardous area location enclosures
  • RTD’s designed specifically for heat tracing and temperature management that simplify installation and maintenance
    • Heat transfer pad conforms to pipe radius for fast temperature response to heat tracing controller
    • Replaceable elements for ease of maintenance without disturbing thermal insulation
    • Stainless steel sheath protection
    • Ordinary location or hazardous area location heads

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