Thermowells / Protection Tubes

Thermowell and protection tube manufacturer , United Electric Controls creates and designs custom thermowells and protection tubes.  UE offers a complete line of sold-bore thermowells and manufactured protection tubes in a variety of materials and constructions.  Serving customers worldwide, our professional engineering and production teams collaborate with process and design engineers to manufacture products that meet the most challenging demands of the food and beverage, dairy, nuclear, military, petrochemical, pharmaceutical, and oil and gas industries.


Bar Stock Thermowells
  • S, H: NPT process connections
  • ​SL, HL: NPT process connections, with lag
  • LS: NPT process connections, limited space
  • F, FH: Flange connection, welded or ring-type joint
  • ​SW: Socket-weld connection
  • SWL: Socket-weld connection, with lag
  • WIH: Weld-in connection
  • WIHL: Weld-in connection, with lag
  • ​VS: Van Stone flange connection
Protection Tubes
  • CT1: Plain ceramic (alumina or mullite) tube
  • CT2, CT3: Ceramic (alumina or mullite) tube with hex fitting or nipple
  • MT2, MT3: Closed tube, with or without bushing
  • MT4: Closed tube, with welded or ring-type flange
Special Secondary (Outer) Protection Tubes
  • PT2: Outer protection tube, with bushing
  • PT3: Outer protection tube, with slip flange

Technical Specifications