Embracing the New while Remembering the Old!

Posted on April 16, 2020 by Levon Khatchadourian in: Safety | Technology | Wireless Solutions

After working from home for the past few weeks I have a newfound appreciation for wireless technologies. Having to share the home office with my wife and son, both of whom are working from home, wireless connections made all the difference. It would have been logistically impossible to wire all our work devices to the internet through a wired hub! Wireless is the present and the future, use it wisely and safely!

Did you know that an average household has over 15 devices connected to the internet?

I counted 30 in my household, which I couldn’t believe. However once I looked at the device list it became clear to me that pretty much every device nowadays needs the internet. Power plugs, security lights, irrigation devices, thermostats, weather monitors, oil tank level monitoring, water metering, phone, laptops, tablets, etc… all have a connections to the internet.

When we moved into our house over 15 years ago, everything in it was wired. TV’s worked with cable distribution hubs, with connections in every room. You had to locate the TV based on where the cable outlet was in the wall. Similarly, phones were wired and each phone needed an outlet on the wall. I thought about wiring the few rooms that I was planning to use a computer in for internet, but the cost was exorbitant and I never moved forward with the plan. Now looking back, I am glad I did not move forward with it.
Today, the only wires you need within a house are the power outlets.

Everything else is wireless.

Outside of the house, wireless is also getting a foothold in the industry. Monitoring devices have already moved to wireless, and controlling devices are in line to join them. The last piece of the wireless connection will be the safety devices, which are currently a few years away, yet certainly moving in that direction.

Technology has advanced greatly in the last 40 years and things are changing faster than ever. Here is a story from my own experience.

Looking back on how technology has changed in our daily lives, I remember a few years back (about 15), when my son and his friend had called me that their car battery was dead and they were taking a cab to get back home. Later that evening when we went to the car to jump-start it and bring it home, I found the car doors were left unlocked. When I asked my son and his friend why they didn’t lock the doors, their answer was “the battery was dead and the remote door lock did not work.” These were a couple of smart kids and I was amazed at their response.  They had grown up in the “wireless remote lock” era and had never seen a car key being used to lock or unlock a car. To this day we still laugh about that incident.



Wireless has come a long way and it is part of our every day life. Now it has entered industrial installations for monitoring and control. In the not too long future, wireless will enter industrial safety applications, where wires still rule. However once the security aspect of the wireless is mastered, you’ll wonder how you lived with wires all these years!

About the Author:
Levon Khatchadourian, Switch Product Manager.
Levon has more than 40 years of experience in engineering, safety and technology.

2 Replies to “Embracing the New while Remembering the Old!”

  1. Yes, the wireless communication is coming up. Everywhere. But we have to see, where we are now. There is a proverb here: Do not jump over the ditch until you arrive to the bank of it! If we jump early, we will land in the ditch.

    We have to study, how excellent business our competitors make with wired products! SIL2 transmitters with HART – for example.

    1. Hello Sandor,
      Thank you for the comment. We fully agree a cautious approach is always best. We have several customers who have been evaluating the potential of wireless gas detectors to solve some of their coverage issues for well over a year in many cases. It is important work to get right.

      -Levon Khatchadourian

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