Triggering alarms with wireless gas detection

Posted on February 25, 2021 by Kirk Dragsbaek in: Gas | Safety | Technology | Wireless Solutions

With the advancement of wireless technologies, wireless devices have become common place for industrial process applications.

As outlined in some of our previous blogs, wireless technology is also being utilized more often for gas detection at various levels of the plant safety system. This is usually accompanied by the need to have a local alarm if there is an unsafe condition.  This can also actuate a fan or vent.  There are a few ways to approach incorporating wireless detectors into traditional plant schemes.

One option in an established plant would be to use existing alarm infrastructure. Wireless gas detection is an attractive solution because you don’t have to run new wiring to add additional protection. Wireless gas detectors will be constantly communicating gas concentration to a central gateway, which is then tied into the control or safety system.  When a gas reaches unsafe toxic levels, or close to its lower explosion limit (LEL), the control system can trigger the plant wide notification system. This can actuate any required safety protocols.

For remote or unmanned plants where alert systems are not in place and there are limited wiring options, wireless detectors can offer a unique, easy to deploy solution.

Wireless devices can connect to a SCADA system or directly to the cloud through a gateway. Cloud based SCADA systems could be used to provide operators with text and email alerts, should gas levels increase. Resources can be deployed as necessary to address those leaks. When a vent needs to be opened or local alarm is required, these would be controlled by a PLC or a SCADA based on inputs from the various gas detectors.

I would love to hear about how you plan to use wireless gas detection.

About the Author:
Kirk Dragsbaek, Sale Application Engineer
Kirk has 10 years of experience in technical sales with a current focus on wireless gas detection.

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