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What's New at United Electric Controls

At UE, we're committed to continuous improvement of our products and services.

Check out some of the latest innovations from UE.



February 2014 - Certified Safety Transmitter Offers Safety and Security with Unprecedented Performance (SFF = 98.5)

                           at an Affordable Price


The best way to reduce risk is to design inherently safe processes. However, inherent safety is rarely achievable. A realistic

alternative is to employ diversity in safety systems to increase system reliability and avoid common mode failures.




January 2014 - One Series Safety Transmitter, article by Wil Chin,  in Modern Pumping Today.


Ask any engineer, getting the job done with fewer steps is the mark of a good design. Simpler is better, and nowhere is that maxim more true than when it comes to functional safety. Now plant safety teams get simple setup and faster, safer performance, right from the start.




December 2013 - UE Announces the New One Series Safety Transmitter at The Chem Show in New York City


The One Series Safety Transmitter is a pressure or temperature monitoring transmitter switch that provides a NAMUR NE 43 standard 4-20 mA analog output. Its programmable high-capacity solid-state relay enables the fastest emergency shutdowns.  The new One Series Safety transmitter is certified for use in SIL 2 safety instrumented systems and is capable of SIL 3 with redundancy.




October 2013 - UE Qualifies for "Best vendor award" for consecutive 2nd year in a row!


BHEL in India has announced that UE has qualified for Best Vendor Award for 2nd Year in a row, based on our Vendor Performance Rating.




September 2013 - New! Compound Ranges Available for the One Series.


UE is proud to announce that we are offering two new compound pressure ranges for the One Series transmitter-switch product line. For applications that routinely go below zero pressure to full vacuum and then pass through zero to a positive pressure, these new sensors allow set points to be placed anywhere along the following ranges.




August 2013 - Transmitters are not switches.


Transmitters are not switches. Switches do not re-transmit the sensor's signal. Imagine a product that can do both and replace a gauge. Imagine the One Series.




August 2013 - UE, Asia-Pacific Region became an Associate Corporate Member of The Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC).


The Malaysian Oil & Gas Services Council (MOGSC) was established in 2003. MOGSC is committed to promote the Malaysian Oil & Gas services sector and represent members' interests towards establishing Malaysia as a services hub for the oil & gas industry.


 This portal was set-up to showcase MOGSC members, provide a platform for discussions and forum, promote and update MOGSC's overall activities.



June 2013 - UE Product Selector has been updated to include the One Series as part of "transmitter" selections.



You can now find the One Series listed under "pressure transmitter". And since the One Series has temperature and differential pressure sensing capability, two new selection categories have been added: "temperature transmitter" and "differential pressure transmitter". Included in these changes, Chinese and Russian languages are supported.



May 2013 - Upgrading your Plant Instrumentation and Field Instruments?


When upgrading plant instrumentation and control systems, UE's innovative One Series improves the reliability of discrete field inputs, replacing mechanical pressure and temperature switches while retaining existing wiring and control schemes.



April 2013 - UE appoints new authorized distributors in Armenia, Bulgaria and Uzbekastan.


For contact information use UE's International Distributor Locator program.




March 2013 - ONE SERIES Transmitter-Switch PRICE REDUCTION


United Electric Controls has reduced the price on its popular One Series Transmitter-Switch used for monitoring pressure or temperature in hazardous industrial applications.




December 2012 - UE's One Series Selected for World's Largest Advanced Wastewater Treatment Plant


United Electric Controls' One Series digital instrumentation was chosen by DC Water to monitor pressure and temperature at Blue Plains, the world's largest advanced wastewater treatment plant in Washington, D.C., USA.



August 2012- New Application Notes for One Series: Seal Oil Skid Cost Reduction


The One Series 2XLP model is primarily a smart pressure transmitter with display that includes a programmable electronic switch - switch + gauge + transmitter all-in-one.


 United Electric switches can be found in many industries and applications refineries and process plants to lab equipment. Please see our Applications page for additional application solutions.




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