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TX200 Series Overview

TX200H Series HARTбў Smart Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitter


TX200 Series Analog Explosion Proof Pressure Transmitter


Video: Spanning the TX200

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Product Overview



Customer Drawings


TX200H HART Models


The TX200H is a HART Smart pressure transmitter that provides simplified field adjustment while reliably communicating asset management data utilizing the latest HART 7 specification. A proprietary calibration process insures optimum temperature compensation limiting thermal effects on the sensor output. As with the ASIC TX200, it is suited for process control industries worldwide and provides a cost-effective solution to using conventional HART transmitters.


Watch the TX200H HART 7 Pressure Transmitter Oil & Gas Video

TX200 ASIC Fixed Range and Field Adjustable Models


The TX200 is a compact, rugged pressure transmitter utilizing ASIC

technology to provide optimum sensor signal conditioning and temperature compensation of the sensor output. It is designed for process control industries worldwide and ideally suited for petrochemical and upstream oil and gas applications. The TX200 provides a cost-effective solution to using conventional process transmitters.

TX200H Series HARTбў

Б─▀  4-20 mA, HART 7 communication protocol

Б─▀  10:1 Pressure Range Turndown - Simple Field Adjustment

Б─▀  Proprietary calibration process limits thermal effects on sensor output for optimum performance

Б─▀  Simple Panel or Direct-to-Process Mounting

Б─▀  cULus &ATEX/CE certified for Class I, Div 1, Zone 1 hazardous areas

Б─▀  Pressure Ranges up to 25,000 psi

Б─▀  HARTбў is a registered trademark of the HART Communication Foundation.




TX200 Series Analog


Б─▀ Compact, 316 Stainless Steel, hermetically sealed enclosure

Б─▀ Fixed range or field-adjustable Pressure Transmitter

Б─▀ 4 20 mA, or 1-5 VDC, or 0-10 VDC output

Б─▀ 0.25% accuracy

Б─▀ UL & ATEX approved for hazardous locations worldwide

Б─▀ Pressure Ranges up to 25,000 psi


TX200 Series Customer Drawings


13787 - TX200A Transmitter (Adjustable Range)


13786 - TX200B Transmitter (Fixed Range) & TX200H Hart Transmitter


13888-1 - TX200-15929, 0 to 300 psi










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