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One Series Safety Transmitter

Engineered to Protect

The One Series Safety Transmitter gives plant safety teams simple setup and faster, safer performance, right from the start - all at a more affordable price. Don't use a costly, over complicated process transmitter that must be adapted for safety use. The One Series Safety Transmitter is the first SIL 2-certified transmitter designed solely for safety system applications. It's the only One that comes with an internal high-speed safety relay for the fastest emergency shutdown. And that simple design means fewer nuisance trips - for greater safety, productivity, and throughput.

One and You're Done

The One Series Safety Transmitter is One Series Safety Transmitter available in versions that monitor temperature and pressure. They provide a 4-20 mA NAMUR standard output with exclusive "I Am Working™" diagnostics. A unique, high-speed safety relay output is provided for local alarm or emergency shutdown. Discrete outputs deliver voting logic input to the safety PLC to determine appropriate action. The One Series Transmitter is certified for use in SIL 2 safety instrumented systems, and is capable of SIL 3 per IEC 61508. It has configurable self-diagnostics and achieves a safe failure fraction of 98.8%. Instrument response time is <100 milliseconds.

It's the one

  • Certified SIL 2 transmitter, PLC and safety relay functions combined
  • Safe Failure Fraction of 98.8%
  • Secure from cyber attack
  • Simple setup and easy SIS upgrades
  • Reduced SIS cost and complexity

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