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Pressure switches, manufactured by United Electric Controls (UE), are designed for rugged, industrial and hazardous environments. Our pressure switch products measure pressure in applications ranging from hazardous locations, corrosive atmospheres and explosion-proof areas. Many of our products principally perform alarm and shutdown functions, while others provide critical sensor inputs into control systems. We supply a broad line of pressure switches from the simple skeleton frame type for OEM applications to legacy electromechanical products, as well as state-of-the-art full digital field configurable pressure switches.

If you need to replace your mechanical pressure switches and your customers are struggling with Management of Change (MoC) requirements, then this is a must-read for you and your customers.

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One Series Switch

Safety Transmitter Pressure Switches
One Series Safety Transmitter Pressure Switches
Award-winning Digital Field Configurable Electronic Pressure Switch gives plant safety teams simple setup and faster, safer performance, right from the start - all at a more affordable price. Providing a 4-20 mA NAMUR standard output with exclusive "I Am Working™" diagnostics. A unique, high-speed safety relay output is provided for local alarm or emergency shutdown.
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One Series Pressure Switch

One Series
Pressure Switch for Hazardous Locations
With an integral solid-state relay, the One Series can do much more than a typical process transmitter! In addition to monitoring the process, the application may call for providing an alarm or shutting down a pump or compressor, even actuating a valve. The One Series 1XSW electronic switch drops in place of any mechanical pressure or temperature switch that is connected to the plant control system, PLC or DCS, including 24 VDC, 48 VDC, 120 VAC, 125 VDC and 230 VAC inputs. Learn more by reading our Guide to Management of Change (MoC) document.
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J6 Series

6 Series
Pressure Switches with Metal Bellows
UE's J6 pressure switch is a reliable, sensitive switch, originally designed for instrument air applications in process plants. Its compact design and combination of set-point sensitivity and narrow or optional adjustable deadband, offers cost-saving solutions for a variety of applications.
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UE's 10 Series
10 Series
Compact Cylindrical Pressure Switches
Available with seven electrical termination varieties, a choice of sensors, and several pressure connections, the 10 Series is designed to meet most requirements for a variety of OEM and industrial applications. Just 1-1/4 inches in diameter and as small as 3 inches high, this compact, cylindrical switch mounts wherever space is at a premium.
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12 Series

12 Series
Dual Seal Pressure Switches
Triple approval (UL, cUL and ATEX) mean the 12 Series meets the demanding requirements of critical applications within hazardous locations. Additionally, the 12 Series is Dual Seal certified to ANSI/ISA 12.27.01 standard meets CEC & NEC secondary seal requirements for process sealing between electrical systems and flammable or combustible process fluids. It can be used in a variety of applications where space is at a premium. Now available with stainless steel accessories (e.g. junction box)
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J21K Series
J21K Series Differential Pressure Switches
The J21K differential pressure switch monitors the difference between two system pressures or vacuums and senses excessive flow deviation, or verifies that a filter is clogged. The J21K's rugged design - with epoxy coated enclosure and sealed metal bellows - lends itself to exacting applications.
24 Series

24 Series
Compact Differential Pressure Switches
The cost-effective 24 Series Delta-Pro™ pressure, differential pressure, and vacuum switches offer a unique blend of compact size, excellent performance, and environmental protection. Available with brass or polysulfone pressure connections the Delta-Pro is ideal for applications involving hot or cool air, water, gas or oil.
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J40 Series

J40 Series
J40 Skeleton Pressure Switch
The J40 skeleton switch can be utilized in OEM applications where compact size and performance are required. The sealed bellows sensor provides a "leak-free" sensor for applications where elastomers are unacceptable. Proven reliability involving sterilizers, plasma-cutting, anesthesia equipment, and even protective switching devices for power equipment, have made the J40 a versatile OEM pressure switch.
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54 Series

54 Series
54 General Service Temperature and Pressure Switches
The 54 Series offers the OEM a combination of reliable performance and low cost. Available in pressure and temperature versions, with single or dual SPDT outputs and enclosed or open frame (skeleton) construction, the 54 Series family provides design versatility. The 54 has been field-proven in a wide variety of OEM applications, including medical, laboratory, fire protection and heating equipment.
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100 Series

100 Series
Skeleton Pressure and Vacuum Switches
The 100 Series is a cost-effective pressure and temperature switch for process plants and OEM equipment. The rugged, one piece enclosure features a slanted cover for wiring accessibility. A wide variety of microswitch and process-connection options make this versatile series ideal for applications requiring a rugged weather-proof mechanical switch.
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117 Series

117 Series Hermetically Sealed Pressure Switch
Division 2 Hermetically Sealed Pressure and Differential Switches
Approved for Division 2 hazardous locations and corrosive atmospheres, the 117 Series can be used to measure vacuum, pressure, differential pressure or temperature in a variety of applications. Its compact, epoxycoated enclosure and hermetically sealed snap switch provide superior corrosion resistance within the harshest environments. Popular sensors in a variety of materials are available, ranging from all welded stainless steel to elastomer diaphragms.
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120 Series

120 Series Explosion Proof Pressure Switch
120 Series Pressure, Differential Pressure & Vacuum Switches
As safety requirements become more stringent, the determining factor in specifying an industrial pressure, differential pressure and/ or temperature switch rests upon that switch protecting equipment, processes and personnel. Meeting hazardous location requirements through worldwide approvals and certifications, UE's 120 Series is the choice where potentially explosive or highly corrosive atmospheres exist.
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400 Series

400 Series
400 Series Pressure, Vacuum, Differential Pressure Switches
The 400 Series is a versatile family of vacuum, pressure, differential pressure and temperature switches for applications that require single or multiple switching capabilities. Dual and triple switch versions provide multi-output for alarm and shutdown, pre-alarm and alarm, high/low limit or level staging functions.
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