Wireless Gas Detection


Predictive Maintenance Solutions REIMAGINED with WirelessHART Gas Detection



November 14, 2017 -  Duration 1 Hour


When new WirelessHART® gas detection technology entered the market, it spawned new ideas to solve critical problems beyond the current models of protecting life and safety. WirelessHART® gas detection challenges the conventional ideas of preventative maintenance of aging facilities and, by cost-effectively increasing the density of real-time monitoring points, drives a compelling case for predictive maintenance of plant infrastructure (pipelines, tanks, pumps, valves, and fittings).


In this webinar, plant managers and maintenance, instrumentation, automation, enterprise, and operational technology professionals will learn the value of predictive maintenance and how WirelessHART® gas detection can transform the management of one of the most difficult asset classes to maintain.















Why wireless gas detection?


June 29, 2017 -  Duration 1 Hour


Learn more about how WirelessHART® gas detection has come of age and promises improved protection for plants that utilize toxic or combustible gases.


Explore how augmenting wired gas monitoring with wireless gas detectors can improve safety and compliance, economically; how to solve difficult problems often associated with toxic and combustible gas monitoring; how advancements in rapid deployment and portability can get you up and running quickly and with great flexibility; and what to look for when selecting wireless detection technology.

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