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We are a major manufacturer of industrial temperature sensors, thermocouples, resistance temperature sensors (RTD's), thermistor and other types of  sensor assemblies. ISO 9001 certified and a leading practitioner of Lean Manufacturing methods, we focus on building high-quality, high-reliability products for the industrial market. Our expertise covers a wide variety of applications, from lab equipment to road-making equipment, from the blast furnace to the blast chiller, and everything in between.

We Design, Engineer and Manufacture:

All of our products are known for their consistent high reliability, cost effectiveness and durability. We are continually examining and improving our engineering, production and service operations to meet constantly changing customer requirements. Our ISO 9001 certification is objective proof of our company wide commitment to quality.


Our customers purchase both custom designed and standard catalog products.  We excel in supplying today's manufacturers with temperature sensors that meet their needs. We can help you develop, and then manufacture the sensor that works with your product. United Electric brings many strengths to the OEM customer, including:


  • Sales personnel located around the world so they can be available to serve customers whenever and wherever they need assistance.
  • Engineering Expertise to work with your engineers to develop the right design.
  • Highly efficient manufacturing processes are designed to build your sensor economically and reliably.
  • Quick Response to Orders - UE can deliver your parts when you need them.

We manufacture temperature sensors for many different types of customers' applications. Some of our customers use our Temperature Sensors in:

  • Scientific instruments - Storage and measurement
  • Food Equipment - Cooking, Storing and Cleanup
  • Medical equipment - Sterilizing, biological storage
  • Jet fighters, helicopters
  • Energy - Turbines, generators and fuel cells



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Temperature Sensor Styles:


Temperature Sensors at UE are built in a broad spectrum of styles. They are:

Leadwire - Standard thermocouples with fiberglass, Teflon® or PVC insulation available with a variety of protective coverings including Teflon® sleeves.

Leadwire Thermocouple

Terminal Heads -Configurations including Enclosure Type 4 and 7 heads; with or without NUN (nipple-union-nipple) connections.

Terminal Heads

Process Mount - Double and single sided process mount styles and single sided instrument mounts.

Process Mount Temperature Sensor

Plugs - Standard and mini male plugs with and without leadwires.

Plug Without Leadwire

Surface Mount - A variety of mounting options including washer styles, mounting lugs and weld pads; with fiberglass or Teflon® insulation.

Surface Mount Temperature Sensors


Standard Catalog Products

United Electric Controls has a broad selection of Standard Catalog Temperature Sensors that are designed for general industrial use. These are available for a variety of uses and come in many standard configurations. These standard products are available from our worldwide network of distributors or directly from our factory in Watertown, MA.


United Electric Controls has General Purpose and Mineral Insulated thermocouples, wire wound and thin film RTDs as well as thermistors for all standard applications. In our catalog we offer a wide variety of styles of temperature sensors using these different sensing elements.

Temperature Sensor Sheath Materials

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Applied Sensor Technologies, a division of United Electric Controls, is a major manufacturer of thermocouple, RTD, thermistor and other temperature sensor assemblies. ISO 9001:2000 certified and a leading practitioner of JIT and Lean Manufacturing methods, Applied Sensor Technologies has expertise in a wide variety of process applications, from the blast furnace to the blast freezer; from chemical processing to food processing. Please visit our website: www.appliedsensortech.com, or give us a call at 617-923-6966!

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