One Series Hybrid Transmitter-Switches

The One Series electronic pressure and temperature transmitter-switches set the standard for smart digital process monitoring. With a fully adjustable set point and deadband and 0.1% repeatability, the One Series performs in a wide variety of applications. Available in Type 4X enclosures approved for intrinsic safety, flameproof and non-incendive area classifications, these hybrid transmitter-switches are designed to provide transmitter, switch and gauge functions all-in-one rugged enclosure that can withstand the rigors of harsh and hazardous environments.




NEW! One Series Pressure and Temperature Transmitter-Switches Include HART® 7 Communication



Product Line Overview


Each One Series model incorporates intelligent self-diagnostics and can report detected faults before they become major safety issues. Plug Port Detection protects against sensor clogging. Nuisance trip filtering reduces false and spurious signals. The ability to capture pressure spikes and valleys provides process information to aid in the commissioning and debugging process.


Consider a highly repeatable and fully adjustable deadband switch for applications where high cycle rate is present. With no moving parts, the One Series digital solid-sate design is uniquely suited for controlling pump and compressor stop/start cycles. And with its digital process display and HART®- Enabled 4-20 mA output, the One Series can provide the functions of a switch, gauge and a transmitter with only one connection to the process


For plant upgrades, the One Series is the most cost-effective choice. 2-Wire models utilize existing plant wiring and control schemes.  Loop-powered hybrid transmitter models provide high-capacity switching and a 4-20 mA output. 4-wire models can handle currents up to 10 amperes at 240 VAC.


Adjustability, accuracy, versatility, intelligence – see what the One Series can do in your critical application.

One Series 1X

One Series 1X shown with gauge pressure sensor

One Series 1X shown with Differential Pressure Sensor

One Series 1X shown with Local RTD Temperature Sensor



Digital process and status display

Fully adjustable set point and deadband

Local and remote self-diagnostic reporting

Agency certifications for hazardous locations


Class I, Division 1 & 2 models available

Zones 0, 1 & 2

3 ways to power the control –

2-wire discrete input power

Loop-powered analog input

External power supply

2 ways to program the control –

Local keypad and display

Remote HART® communicator

Multiple sensor types and ranges –

Gage pressure from full vacuum up to 6000 psi

   (413,7 bar)

Differential pressure up to 200 psid (13,8 bar d)

RTD temperature from -300 to 1,000°F (-184 to


3 models to choose from

2-wire low power single switch (only)

Loop-powered Hart Transmitter plus 2 solid-state


Loop-powered Hart Transmitter (only)

One Series Ex d, Ex d 2x, Ex d 4X, Ex d 8X Drawings

14012  -     1X, 24 & 48 VDC, gage pressure, 1XSWLLPxx

14013  -     1X, 24 & 48 VDC, differential pressure,1XSWLLKxx

14015  -     1X, 24 & 48 VDC, remote temperature,1XSWLLTRx

14016  -     1X, 24 & 48 VDC, thermowell temperature,


14017  -     1X, 24 & 48 VDC, local temperature, 1XSWLLTLx

A-13948 -  2X, 24 VDC, (pressure) 2X2D00Pxx - OBSOLETE,

                 replaced by 1XSWLL

A-13897 -  2X, 24 VDC, (differential pressure) 2X2D00Kxx -

                  OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XSWLL

A-13898 -  2X, 24 VDC, (local temperature, welded)

                  2X2D00TLx - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XSWLL

A-13919 -  2X, 24 VDC, (local temperature, spring loaded)

                 2X2D00TTC - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XSWLL

A-13920 -  2X, 24 VDC, (remote temperature) 2X2D00TRx,

                 2X2D00THx, 2X2D00TCx - OBSOLETE, replaced

                  by 1XSWLL

A-13921 -  2X, 24 VDC, (temperature, user supplied sensor)

                 2X2D00TUx - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XSWLL

A-13922 -  2X, 48 VDC, (pressure) 2X4D00Pxx - OBSOLETE,

                 replaced by 1XSWLL

A-13923 -  2X, 48 VDC, (differential pressure) 2X4D00Kxx -

                 OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XSWLL

A-13924 -  2X, 48 VDC, (local temperature, welded)

                 2X4D00TLx - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XSWLL

A-13925 -  2X, 48 VDC, (local temperature, spring loaded)

                 2X4D00TTC - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XSWLL

A-13926 -  2X, 48 VDC, (remote temperature) 2X4D00TRx,

                 2X2D00THx, 2X2D00TCx - OBSOLETE, replaced

                 by 1XSWLL

A-13927 -  2X, 48 VDC, (temperature, user supplied sensor)

                2X4D00TUx - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XSWLL

A-13900 -  2X, 115 VDC, (pressure) 2X3A00Pxx

A-13928 -  2X, 115 VDC, (differential pressure) 2X3A00Kxx

A-13929 -  2X, 115 VDC, (local temperature, welded)


A-13930 -  2X, 115 VDC, (local temperature, spring loaded)


A-13931 -  2X, 115 VDC, (remote temperature) 2X3A00TRx,

                 2X3A00THx, 2X3A00TCx

A-13932 -  2X, 115 VDC, (temperature, user supplied sensor)


A-13901 -  2X, 4-20mA, (pressure) 2XLPxxPxx - OBSOLETE,

                 replaced by 1XTXSW

A-13933 -  2X, 4-20mA, (differential pressure) 2XLPxxKxx -

                 OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XTXSW

A-13934 -  2X, 4-20mA, (local temperature, welded) 2XLPxxTLx - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XTXSW

A-13935 -  2X, 4-20mA, (local temperature, spring loaded) 2XLPxxTTC - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XTXSW

A-13936 -  2X, 4-20mA, (remote temperature) 2XLPxxTRx, 2XLPxxTHx, 2XLPxxTCx - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XTXSW

A-13937 -  2X, 4-20mA, (temperature, user supplied sensor) 2XLPxxTUx - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XTXSW

A-13902 -  4X, 115 VAC, (pressure) 4X3A01Pxx

A-13938 -  4X, 115 VAC, (differential pressure) 4X3A01Kxx

A-13939 -  4X, 115 VAC, (local temperature, welded) 4X3A01TLx

A-13940 -  4X, 115 VAC, (local temperature, spring loaded) 4X3A01TTC

A-13941 -  4X, 115 VAC, (remote temperature) 4X3A01TRx, 4X3A01THx, 4X3A01TCx

A-13942 -  4X, 115 VAC, (temperature, user supplied sensor) 4X3A01TUx

A-13903 -  8X, (pressure) 8X2DxxPxx - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XTXSW

A-13943 -  8X, (differentialpressure) 8X2DxxKxx - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XTXSW

A-13944 -  8X, (local temperature, welded) 8X2DxxTLx - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XTXSW

A-13945 -  8X, (local temperature, spring loaded) 8X2DxxTTC - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XTXSW

A-13946 -  8X, (remote temperature) 8X4D42TRx, 8X2D44THx, 8X2D45TCx, 8X4D42TRx, 8X2D44THx, 8X2D45TCx,

                       8X4D42TRx, 8X2D44THx, 8X2D45TCx - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XTXSW

A-13947 -  8X, (temperature, user supplied sensor) 8X2DxxTUx - OBSOLETE, replaced by 1XTXSW

A-14025 -  1X, HART 4-20mA Transmitter-Switch , Temp L

A-14024 -  1X, HART 4-20mA Transmitter-Switch , Temp T

A-14023 -  1X, HART 4-20mA Transmitter-Switch , Temp R

A-14022 -  1X, HART 4-20mA Transmitter-Switch , Temp DP

A-14021 -  1X, HART 4-20mA Transmitter-Switch , Temp GAGE

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