One Series Electronic Pressure, Differential Pressure and Temperature Products

United Electric Controls (UE) is renowned for high-quality workmanship and innovative

product design, and the One Series

carries this 85-year tradition well

beyond electro-mechanical switches.

UE’s One Series line of digital

electronic pressure and temperature

monitors sets new standards for quality,

reliability and versatility. Designed to

meet the needs of harsh and hazardous

applications, the One Series’ advanced self-diagnostics and digital electronics provide the most reliable switches for a variety of diverse industries.


The One Series product family from UE allows you to choose from explosion-proof, intrinsically safe and energy limited models that monitor gauge pressure, differential pressure or temperature. With up to two fully adjustable set points and deadbands, available 4-20 mA analog output, and absolutely no moving parts, these versatile instruments can now be used in a wide variety of applications where mechanical switches are not considered. Featuring a solid-state design, UE’s One Series is your best choice for tough applications with high cycle rates, vibration and shock. For plant upgrades, there are a variety of power options ranging from 2-wire discrete and analog loop-powered models to externally powered models that can switch up to 280 VAC at 10 amperes to the load.


UE has recently introduced a new member to the One Series family – the One Series Safety Transmitter.

With an integral digital display and 4-20 mA output, the One Series from UE can effectively do the job of three – replacing a switch, a gauge and a transmitter. Powerful yet easy to install, the One Series from UE features tamper-resistance, intuitive programming, and set-up that is fast and easy.

The Leaders in Safety, Alarm & Shutdown

Protecting People, Processes & Equipment.

Our reputation for dependable, reliable products is a result of innovative design, superior manufacturing techniques, and a corporate focus on uncompromising quality.

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