6 Series Overview

Vacuum Pressure Switch

The J6 is a reliable, sensitive pressure switch, originally designed for instrument air applications in process plants. Its compact design and combination of set-point sensitivity and narrow or optional adjustable deadband, offers cost-saving solutions for a variety of applications.







Rugged, NEMA 4X, epoxy coated enclosure

Single switch output

SPDT switch output

Adjustable deadband versions available

Adjustable ranges:

       • 30 "Hg Vac to 6000 psi

       • 1 bar Vac to 414 bar

  Approvals: UL, CSA, CE

  Optional ATEX or GOST intrinsic safety compliance

  Designed to meet Enclosure Type 4X

  SPDT switch output

  Adjustable deadband option for precise on-off control

  Brass or welded stainless steel bellows sensors

  External manual reset option

  Gasketed, Die Cast Aluminum  Enclosure with Epoxy Coating

  SPDT Switch Output

  Adjustable Deadband Option

  Sealed, Isolated Metal Bellows Sensors

  Adjustable Pressure Ranges:

 30 ”Hg Vac to 6000 psi

 (-1 to 414 bar)


6 Series Customer Drawings


4488 - Type J6, Models 126, 134, S126B & S134B


4489 - Type J6, Models 136 to 160, S136B to S164B


8083 - Type J6, Models 218 to 230


8658 - Type J6, Models 258 to 274


4958 - Type J6, Models 354 to 364


10522 - Type J6, Models 610, 612 & 614


8060 - Type J6, Model 680


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