55 Series Overview

Temperature Switch

The E55 Series provides rugged, dependable temperature control for many applications. Available in single or dual output versions, with either an epoxy coated enclosure (designed to meet NEMA Type 4X) or skeleton construction, the E55 combines flexibility with compact size. It has been used in diverse applications such as food service appliances, oven control, and heat tracing.






NEMA 4 or open frame construction

SPDT or dual switch output

Panel or surface mount

Copper or stainless steel bulb and capillary

Adjustable ranges:

       ◦ -130 to 650ºF

          -90 to 340ºC

  Approvals: UL, CSA, CE

  JIT Delivery



  Single or dual 15 A switch output

Skeleton or Enclosure construction

      designed to meet NEMA Type 4X

Optional external manual reset

Compact size

Copper or stainless steel bulb & capillary


55 Series Customer Drawings


11076 - Type E55, Models E20BC to E23BS


13411 -  Type E55, Models L24HT & R25HT


11075 - Type E55A, Models E20BC to E23BS


11074 - Type E55AS, Models E20BC to E23BS


11073 - Type E55S, Models E20BC to E23BS



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